Set Menu – let us decide

Roasting Rolls Menu #1This menu is recommended for those functions where sitting down to a meal is not an option. This menu would suit sporting club functions, informal parties and after-work drinks functions. It is also suitable for children’s birthday parties for a hearty meal for parents. Guests enjoy a filling roll without the formalities of sitting down.


Roast Beef and Pork sliced for perfection in our large crispy rolls.

Salads – Coleslaw and garden salad (separated to allow guests to choose what salad items suit their tastes)

Bread Rolls with Butter Portions

Hot stock based gravy to pour over the meat on the roll.

Apple sauce, mint sauce or dijonnaise condiments.


Hot Box Delivered:

We serve you:

Party HOT BOX Menu #2

This menu is recommended for those more informal party functions such as 21st 18th, 40th and beyond. It typically suits where there is one or more people prepared to spend 5-10 minutes laying out our scrumptious goods before your guests serve themselves. It is a very successful format and is terribly economical for the quality of food that you receive. It is especially suitable for sporting club functions and economical school-based functions.

Spit Meats – Roasted Leg Lamb + Roast Beef + Roast Pork or Chicken Drumsticks

Salads – Coleslaw + Mediterranean Pasta Salad+Greek Salad

Bread Rolls with Butter Portions

Roast Potatoes with sour cream

Gravy & condiments

All serving utensils, napkins durable plastic cutlery and platery

Regular Prices:

We serve you function Menu #3

This is a menu recommended for that event where one is out to impress. You will have at least 2 of our staff members all dressed in their chef uniforms serving your guests by buffet the best marinated roasted meats they have ever had. They choose what is freshly carved before them. It is recommended for places where cooking facilities are not available or time does not permit our staff to prepare onsite. We arrive 20 -30 minutes before service with everything that is needed.

Spit Meats – Roast Beef + Roast Pork + Chicken Drumsticks

Salads – Coleslaw + Hokkein Noodle Salad + Greek Salad

Bread Rolls with Butter Portions

Roast Potatoes with sour cream

Desserts – Mud Cake + Cheesecake (choice of Lemon, P/fruit or Strawberry) with fruit salad & cream

Gravy & condiments included

All durable plastic cutlery and platery, napkins included for all courses.

With desserts price:

Without desserts price:

Prepared onsite function Menu #4

This menu is recommended for the more formal function such as black tie events, charity events, presentation events, engagements and wedding receptions. You receive the utmost of care and attention to detail. We will serve you and your guests buffet -style the most tender and pristine roasted meats and salads. All cooking is done onsite in our own ovens by staff in chef uniforms for your guests to view. All meats are carved individually for your guests. Our staff will mingle amongst your guests serving them fingerfoods before the main course. We will provide absolutely everything. We will clear tables after each course. All porcelain and stainless cutlery will be collected and washed off-site. This type of service makes for a very impressive function or reception. It is our suggested wedding service.

Fingerfoods – Smoked salmon and chive melba toasts + roasted meat balls with plum sauce + cocktail spring rolls.

Spit Meats – Souvlaki Roasted Leg Lamb + Peppered Porterhouse (med-rare) + Roasted Pork Loin

Salads – Pesto Pasta + Hokkein Noodle + Greek salad

Bread Rolls with Butter Portions

Roast Potatoes with sour cream

Desserts – Mud Cake or Fruit Salad + Cheesecake (choice of Lemon, P/fruit or Strawberry) with fresh fruit salad and whipped cream.

All condiments, napkins, s/s cutlery and porcelain provided for all courses.