Spit Roast Meats

Roast Beef
Our traditional roast beef bolar or silverside. Trim, tender and tasty

Porterhouse Beef
Cooked to your liking from medium-rare to well-done.
A favourite is the peppered porterhouse with black peppers infusing the meat ($1.00 extra per person)

Peppered Beef
Traditional roast beef, but infused with black peppers for a kick

Pulled Brisket Beef
Slow cooked for 10 hours.  We use brisket cut which is so tender. Our Texas-style marinades are delicious. This pulled brisket beef is perfect for roasting rolls or as an extra treat for your guests on top of the more traditional spit roast meats

Corned Beef
A perfect wintery meal – tender soft corned beef

Roast Lamb Leg
Leg only, boneless and incredibly moist and tasty. We can season it internally with stuffing or externally with rosemary

Lamb Shanks
Tender full lamb shanks slow-cooked for hours

Roasted Turkey
Turkey breast – incredibly tender and never dry.  Crispy skin and juicy when carved.  We can infuse with port and dates for that extra-special Christmas function

Pork Loin
Try the Pork loin for that extra special function. It is lean and tender ($1.00 extra per person)

 Roast Pork
The best roast pork you have tasted. Our pork is so tasty and tender.

Pork Ribs 
2 per serve. These are incredibly good pork ribs marinated in plum sauce, Can be used as a finger food item

Pulled BBQ Pork
Our newest delicacy. Pulled pork texas style. Tender and tasty and perfect for our roasting rolls option

Roast Ham
We make and smoke our own hams from pork leg. No binding or inferior ingredients used in our process. You won’t believe the taste. Perfect for Christmas functions with apple sauce

Chicken Drumsticks
Tender meaty drumsticks. We can flavour your drumsticks with BBQ or cajun flavouring

Maryland Chicken
Chicken Maryland pieces BBQ-flavoured, crispy skin, tender and juicy

Mixed Chicken
A mix of Chicken Maryland pieces, thighs and drumsticks flavoured to your liking. We can also add chicken breast pieces (Nominal fee applies)