Q: How does your meat differ from other caterers?
A: The time and preparation we put into our spit roasted meats is unique. We use the sous vide method of cooking for over 6-7 hours firstly to enhance the tenderness of the cut. We then flame grill the meats to perfection.  No one else we know can match our tenderness or uses any method similar. We are meat experts. We have been for over 30 years. 

Q: I have had a quote from another caterer which is cheaper than yours. Convince me to go with you?
A: We make no secret about the fact that there are a couple of cheaper spit roast caterers out there. However, we know that in providing such services that corners have to be cut. Such corners are often inferior quality meats or salad ingredients. Such corners can be in the quantity of foodstuffs supplied or the amount of staff provided. The most concerning corner-cutting practice can be inferior food safety techniques or premises. We have been around a long time catering and supplying other caterers with our meats. We have a reputation to uphold. Importantly, we are independently audited by our certification body at least 4 times per year. We also employ a RABSQA-certified food safety auditor at our business. This ensures the best quality food for you and your guests. It ensures that we keep our tremendous reputation and bask in the glory of your gratitude. Try us. You won’t be disappointed. Check out our recent feedback from clients.

Q: How much meat and salad do you supply per serve?
A: For our spit roast meats we provide 330gm per serve at a minimum. For salads we base a serve on 200gm. We have never run out of any food yet and there is ALWAYS seconds and left overs for our customers. It is more embarrassing for us to run out of food than for you! Roasting rolls service is based upon 200gm of meat and 100gm of salad.

Q: Is your gravy home-made?
A: Yes, we use the stock and juices from our prolonged cooking of our meats as the base for the gravy. It is always supplied separately and included with every function. “Home-made” is probably not the best term to use given that we operate from a sophisticated food premises with a fully licensed boning room and cook/chill facility. Essentially, it means our gravy is not made solely from powdered stock or gravox.

Q: How long does the meat stay hot for in your hot box service?
A: Hours. It still surprises us just how long it remains piping hot for. We have opened up boxes the morning after functions (not for consumption!) and found them still pleasantly hot. The Food Standards Code and our practices ensure the correct time/temperature control for your delivery. A label on your hot box will indicate the time before which the food must be consumed.

Q: Are we able to supply our own salads or desserts and just have you supply the meat?
A: Yes. We are more than happy to supply you with our perfect spit roasted meats and gravy only for your function. We can even pre-carve it for you if you wish.

Q: Is your service suitable for our very special wedding reception?
A: Definitely. We have catered for many weddings with huge success. Our food is terribly good and will impress all of your guests at your wedding. Best of all, it is supplied to you for a fraction of the cost of the typical reception house prices. Don’t let our reasonable rates fool you into thinking it’s too cheap for your wedding.

Q: Is there a way to verify just how good your meats are before we book Cop A Roasting?
A: Yes. You can order from us a small sample (2kg-3kg) of any selected meat that we will cook for you and supply for you to re-heat. This way, you will get an idea of just how tasty and tender our meats are. Our spit roasted method to be used for your function will result in a better taste than your re-heated sample but will give you the idea. We offer a 30% discount off the price of your sample.

Q: Do you supply your own equipment?
A: Yes. For our “We serve you” and “Prepared onsite” services where our staff are present at your function you need not supply us with anything. We bring all of our own equipment, including trestle tables, oven, serving bain maries etc.  We don’t even need power so that outside functions are a specialty.

Q: Is there any difference between the “prepared onsite” and “we serve you” service?
A: Only price. You can save substantially by having us cook your goods off-site and brought to you just before our service to your guests. The quality of the food is exactly the same and our travel times allow for a sufficient rest time for your meats.

Q: Can we adjust some things on your menu items?
A: Of course. You may have a specific request such as mushroom gravy or rocket in your salad for example.

Q: Can you cook a whole pig or lamb on the spit for us?
A: Sorry. We do not cook whole pigs or lambs on our spit roasts. Whilst some prefer the look of it, there are many disadvantages over our unique methods. First, it takes forever! Secondly, it does not allow us to prepare the meat the way that we have perfected over 30 years.

Q: Can you provide table service at our function?

A: Yes we can. We don’t recommend it as it increases the price for you, but if it is table service you require we can arrange it. Some newly-weds we have catered for have preferred table staff to serve “alternate” meals to your guests.

Q: How much notice do you need for bookings?
A: Normally a week or so is sufficient excepting December where you should book at least 2-3 weeks beforehand. If you know your date then it is best to book as soon as possible and confirm final menu choices and guest numbers at least 3 days before your function. Your date can be guaranteed that way. We don’t require final numbers of menu choices until 3 days prior.

Q: Do you require a deposit?
A: No. Full payment by cash is accepted on the day. Cheque payment must be made so that the cheque is cleared before your function. Credit card payments should be made through this website at least the day before. (approx 2.8% charge).

Q: What happens if my function is cancelled at the last minute?
A: Contact us as soon as possible. We may have already started preparation for your function which is a shame, but the earlier you contact us the better. We are busy enough not to worry too much about late cancellations but may request a nominal payment in case we have paid for cakes or other items etc.

Q: Do you travel for functions outside Melbourne or its suburbs?
A: Yes we do. We have been as far as Swan Hill and regularly travel to other regional areas in Victoria. Your quote will include a travel component for areas outside 40km from Dandenong.

Q: How should we contact you as sometimes the phone is diverted to messagebank?
A: Email please. Often our phones are un-manned. Our email system is very reliable and are all sent to our mobile phones. We check our emails hourly.

Q: We have heard so much about how good your meats are, but what about everything else?
A: Our meats are superb. We don’t mind telling you again. Our salads are fresh and also terribly tasty. We use first class ingredients and recommend a selection of 3 salads for your function. You should include a “green” salad without a mayonnaise base such as our greek salad for at least one selection. A noodle or pasta salad is great with maybe coleslaw or potato salad. Our baby chat potatoes are great as well as our fingerfoods and desserts.

Q: How many salads should we choose?
A: We recommend 3 only. That way, we provide a generous spread of all salads so that each guest has a sample of each. If you have too many salad options it may be that some guests miss out on the most popular salads.

Q: Is your meat Halal certified?
A: No. We cook the most perfect pork in our kitchens which means we cannot provide halal lamb, beef or chicken.

Q: Can you provide a gluten-free menu?
A: Yes. All of our meats are gluten-free even with their marinades. Our gravy is supplied separately. We have a  number of gluten-free salads and fingerfoods.

Q: We are really interested in your services but would like you to see our venue and meet us.

A: Of course. Just give us a call and we’ll see what we can arrange.