Service types

Cop A Roasting offer 5 different service methods to choose from. A description of each appears below:

Hot Box Delivered

this is our most popular service*

All of your spit roasted meats, salads, vegetables, condiments & cutlery are delivered to your function at the time arranged when booking. The baked potatoes, gravy and carved spit-roasted meats arrive piping hot within insulated foam boxes. We promise your food will remain piping hot for at least 4 hours after delivery when kept sealed. Your salads arrive fresh and within their own serving containers. All you need to do is lay out the goods on a table to serve your guests. We even supply the serving utensils, plastic cutlery as well as bread and butter for your guests. You keep it all.

The benefits of this menu mean you do not have us at your function for hours before-hand, or hours after-hand. You do not need to supply any electricity or cooking utensils. No equipment is needed. We have been catering using this method for decades. Our method is fool-proof and saves you money! You choose what to eat and what to pay as a result. Again, you will not believe just how tender the meats are.

We Serve You – Spit Roast Catering

We do all the work for you before-hand and during service to your guests at your function. We come prepared with piping hot food and equipment and are ready to serve within 20 minutes of our arrival. We will set up our own buffet. You need not provide any equipment or power. We supply it all. We will serve your guests buffet-style with the appropriate amount of uniformed staff included in the price. After service, we will collect plates, collect waste, pack up and leave you with the left-overs for those guests that want seconds or thirds later on.

This service method is perfect for those that simply want to concentrate on socialising with their guests. You leave it all up to us to impress them with our culinary delights whilst you enjoy all the compliments for booking us! You choose whether we carve meats onsite or bring them already carved for quicker service. This method is popular for semi-formal functions and wedding receptions, especially for numbers over 80.

Prepared Onsite – Spit Roast Catering

If you’re a traditionalist and require the best roasted meats and vegetables roasted onsite by our cooks then let us satisfy your needs. You do not have to provide a thing. We arrive 2-3 hours before service and start cooking in our roasting oven. We will dress up our trestle tables and display the buffet before service. We will carve selected meats for each guest and treat them to out top quality food. After service we will pack up, collect plates and cutlery, rubbish and and leave you with the left-overs for those guests that want seconds or thirds later on.

Roasting Rolls

Why not try our Roasting rolls for that function where sitting down to a full meal is not an option? You get the full meal all packaged in a large crispy bread roll. That’s right, freshly carved roast beef, pork or lamb served on a crusty roll with gravy, condiments and your choice of 2 salads. This menu is specifically suited to those sports club break ups, trade nights, or parties where your guests require quality food but with that extra convenience. It is ideal where space or time is at a premium. Either let us put your rolls together onsite and serve to your guests or have us deliver everything ready to go for your self-service buffet.

Do it yourself  (DIY)

If you are catering on a budget and want a hassle-free and fool-proof spit roast then we can help. We will prepare your meats with marinades and spices (if need be), cook it and chill it down ready for your pick up. Your meat will be full-cooked to perfection and vacuum packed for you. We have supplied many self-caterers using this method for decades. All you need do is re-heat the meat in your oven, Webber, or hooded BBQ. It typically takes 40-70 minutes. The beauty is that, because of our particular method, the meat will take hours of over-heating before it will start to dry-out within the oven. It really is fool-proof. Your guest won’t believe how well you can cook a cut of meat. We supply all of your other needs at very reasonable prices. Every menu item is available for your convenience, including cooked potatoes and vegetables, gravy, salads and cutlery options. We can deliver your refrigerated goods at reasonable prices over Melbourne and throughout Victoria.